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5 Simple Steps For Mastering The Art Of Email Marketing

There are multiple ways of promoting your business online in 2013 and beyond. You can buy banner ads. You can send out tweets. You can set up a Facebook page and post daily updates. Or, you can use the one marketing channel that has stood test of time through all the noise: The art of email marketing.

Done correctly, email marketing can yield the highest ROI out of all of your marketing channels online. Best of all, it costs very little to implement. By following these 5 simple tips, you can leverage this powerful tool to create maximum profits in your business.

Tip #1 – Offer A Lead Magnet

Before email marketing was even invented, people would post classified ads in newspapers offering a free report. Smart direct marketers adopted this strategy to online marketing and the results were even more profitable. Nowadays, it’s a common strategy to use a lead magnet such as a free report or a whitepaper to entice new subscribers to give you their email address.

The key to making this strategy effective is to give away valuable content in your lead magnet. The more valuable your content, the more your subscribers will see you as an authority and be more likely to open your future emails.

Tip #2 – Engage Your Audience With Great Content

Once you have gained a new subscriber, the journey to email marketing success has just begun. A common mistake that new marketers make is pummeling subscribers with product promotion after promotion. The result of this is that the subscribers lose interest and eventually unsubscribe. The best strategy to keep new subscribers interested is to create engaging content on a daily basis for your list. Offer them tips and videos on how to solve their problem so they keep coming back for more.

Tip #3 – Mix It Up

While it is a great strategy to create amazing content for your subscribers, sending them tons of tips everyday can be somewhat overwhelming. It’s best to mix up your content with personal stories as well. For example, one day you send them some tips on how to solve their problem, and the next day you tell them a personal story that may or may not have anything to do with their problem. In the short-term, you may not make any sales from telling them a story. But in the long term, your subscribers will feel like they know you a personal level. This high-level of trust is what leads to higher sales from your emails.

Tip #4 – Tell The Truth

Many businesses online these days are trying to promote the image that they are perfect, while rarely exposing any vulnerabilities or mistakes. The problem with this approach is that people do not connect with businesses who seem like they’re perfect. Customers truly connect with real people who make mistakes just like them. If you make a mistake with the product promotion or something involving your business, it’s best to be truthful about it and apologize to your subscribers. Showing some honesty and authenticity goes along way. The more they feel like they can relate to you, the better.

Tip #5 – Don’t Be Afraid To Sell, But Do It Ethically

If you follow the last four tips, you are already on the right track to building a highly responsive and profitable email list and mastering the art of email marketing. There is, however, one last step to bring in the cash. You must sell to your email list. To do this, you need to combine these previous four tips into an honest, straight forward, compelling promotional email that entices users to click the link for more information. Once you can do that well, you can call yourself a master of the art of email marketing.


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Steve Goldberg is a freelance web copywriter and blogger who enjoys writing about topics like video advertising, online marketing, and personal development.

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