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7 Business Decisions You Must Make Prior To Starting Your Blog

There’s something that happens with all bloggers. You begin your blog and then it begins gaining some momentum. Traffic starts increasing and soon you’ve achieved a few thousand visits with a few hundred subscribers.

You’ve done all this and you’ve still not even covered your minimal bill for hosting. You begin to ask yourself, “How do I start monetizing my blog?”

So you start putting up more ads, sending out affiliate email offers, perhaps you even start an online store to sell a product. Nobody clicks, nobody opens and nobody buys. You and your blog begin to crumble.

You begin to ask yourself, “I did the whole thing right, didn’t I?” Once you began you definitely did. The problem is that you didn’t lay out any foundation before you started. Multiple business decisions must be asked prior to even writing and posting a solitary word to the blog, here are 7 of the most important.

What Do You Want To Achieve With Your Blog?

There are countless opportunities your business can benefit from your blog. Blogs are able to:

  • Give the Business a Human Face
  • Brand Your Company, Your Company, Your Services and Your Products
  • Expand Your Reach Outside Of the Current Influential Sphere You Have
  • Reach Out To Potential Stakeholders and Customers
  • Build a Networking Community with Others with Comparable Interests
  • Establish Your Credibility as a Thought Leader or an Expert within Your Field
  • Increase Search Engine Rankings and Site Visibility

Making decisions on exactly what you desire to accomplish with your blog is able to help you maintain focus, this focus will allow you to spend your efforts and time with activities that will help, not hinder the objectives you have for your business.

The Top 10 Sites in Your Niche, What Are They?

Prior to achieving direct audience access, the optimal approach to study that audience is going through others blogs and websites that currently accommodate them.

Locate these 10 websites and blogs within your niche. Read their content, their about page’s, interact and comment on their articles, and they have a newsletter subscribe to it. Learn absolutely everything you’re able to about your/their audience and the ways they are currently using their blogs to gratify those users.

Use the list that you create as an inspirational instrument from the color used for the navigation menu to the content you create.

Do You Have the Main Niche Keywords?

An additional motive to make the top blog list is to allow you to see what keywords they are using in order to get their traffic. Here’s two ways to locate the keywords:

  • SEM Rush – (Semrush.Com) – This Is A Tool For Keyword Research Which Will Allow You To See The Keywords With the Highest Traffic Amounts To A Site You’re Searching
  • Meta-Keywords – Right Click on the Home Page and Select “View Source”, Then Locate the Following – <Meta Name = “The Keywords” Content = “…”> – The Keywords They Trust Are the Most Important For Ranking for Will Be Listed Within the Content= Section

After you’ve built a solid keyword list, begin integration into everything, this is from your marketing materials to your metadata, essentially absolutely everything that you produce, afterwards, produce a blog post(s) for every one of those keywords.

Who Is Your Audience?

The initial step prior to producing anything is realizing who your audience is. In determining your audience you must ask yourself:

  • Who Will Use It
  • How Will They Use It
  • Why Will They Use It

The majority will begin their blog not targeted toward an audience, but topically based. The flaw in this logic is that if you clearly define your audience, every single post that you write, as well as every single product that you recommend, is going to be pertinent to your audience. In order to define your audience you need to craft an “avatar” of the model reader, ask:

  • What Is Their Hobbies
  • What Are Their Dreams
  • What Is Their Age
  • What Are Their Struggles
  • What Are Their Interests

Give a name to your avatar. From this point forward you’ll make every decision, from the typography you use to what you sell based upon the avatar you just crafted.

What Is the Objective for Your Blog?

Once you determine who your audience is you’ll need to make the determination on the thing(s) you want your audience to do. What’s your blogs point and how does it help to build your brand/business? Perhaps it’s to:

  • Establish Yourself within Your Field as a Trusted Authority In Order To Book Consulting Gigs and/or Speaking Engagements
  • Place Yourself as the Superlative Resource for Their Ensuing Project
  • Build a List of Loyal and Engaged Subscribers In Order To Have an Email List of Eager Buyers Once You Have Something to Sell or Launch a New Product

Everything that you do, from the scope of your content to replace your opt in boxes is to be based upon your blog’s primary objective and target user, remember your avatar.

What Will You Sell?

If you’re not selling something you’re not making money. Even when you’re just using Google AdSense you still need to prove that you create a viable and valuable resource for their advertisers.

  • In Order to Make Money with A Product You’ll Have to Have a Product You’re Able to Sell
  • You Need To Be Selling Ad Space In Order To Make Money with Ads
  • If You Look You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing You Need To Be Selling People on the Product’s Benefits

The bottom line is that the blog has to be incorporated within business strategy; your business strategy should never just be your blog.

How Will You Assess The Success Of Your Blog?

In order to determine your blogs success with boosting your profits and/or profile you’ll need to check leads or sales and traffic which have come through the blog. Advanced planning is going to allow you to take much more informed decisions about the degree of customization your blog requires, your blogging metrics and your blogging platform choice.

Realize that blogging isn’t something that’s for every person; it’s simply just an additional form of communication. Don’t ever let yourself get so hung up on technological aspects that you begin to ignore other, and sometimes more appropriate ways, of message communication. There are certain things that can simply be easier to communicate:

  • In A Conference Room
  • On the Good Old Telephone
  • Face-To-Face

If you’ve asked yourself everything in the above and have made the decision that blogging is something that’s going to allow you to meet all of your objectives, then the blog could be just what your business needs.


If you’ve already started you’re likely asking, “What now?” If you’re looking to monetize your blog you need to focus on your user base and the ways you’re able to help them. Afterwards, you’ll begin making gradual changes to your:

  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Content

After you’ve achieved what the distinct audience is for your blog, while bearing in mind that you’ll have some user churn throughout the process, start selling them something. If you’re providing an offer to a niche user base that solves a problem, they will be extremely pleased to hear about what you want to sell.

This article is written by Sara Carter editor ofhttp://www.mac-reviews.net/ She is interested in IT services, computer upgrades, computer repair, different computer apps, travelling and skiing.



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