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9 Simple Steps For Crafting Kick Ass Web Copy


Engaging web copy is critically important to a successful online business. But most likely, your web copy isn’t performing as effectively as it should. And when that happens, your sales and profits suffer.

On the other hand, when you know how to create killer web copy that clenches readers by the throat and doesn’t let go, making sales will be a piece of cake. Here’s how to do it in 9 dead-easy steps.

1. Get Their Attention

Web users are constantly on the move. They search, click, skim, then hit the back button until they find what they’re looking for. So in order to get them to actually read your website, you need to get their attention by giving them a strong reason, or benefit, to stay. The best way to do this is to validate that they’ve found what they were looking for. Give them a benefit they want. Let them know that their search is over. Then, they will keep reading every word on the page.

2. Encourage Readership

Your content should be written to engage readers, not bore them. This is easy when you simply write like you talk. This style of writing lets the reader know there is a real person on the other side who cares about their needs. Another tip is to keep your sentences short. Give them quick bits of information in each sentence. Lead them thought by thought. This establishes a rhythm and momentum so they read til the end.

3. Make A Promise

In order for your readers to consume your content, there needs to be something in it for them. Promise them a specific benefit. Tell them what’s in it for them. When they know what they’re getting, they’ll be more likely to stay.

4. Use Facts

It’s great to make promises in your web copy. But only if your promises can be backed up by facts. If what you have to offer sounds unbelievable, then you need to prove it. Web visitors are skeptical as hell. The only way you can win them over and keep them reading is by supporting your case with evidence.

5. Answer Their Objections

Every visitor on your website is there because they want to solve some sort of problem. More likely than not, they will have objections and questions about what you have to offer. For your web copy to make an impact on your visitors, you’ll need to answer their most pressing problems and objections in enough detail to satisfy them. Otherwise, they’ll look elsewhere.

6. Make It Easy To Read

Reading for many people is difficult enough. Reading on the web is even more challenging. Make your web copy easy to read by breaking each line of text into 2-3 lines a paragraph. Never have huge chunks of text that run on forever. Also, keep your sentences short in width. When people have to skim across the screen, it becomes frustrating. Make it easy for your readers. They’ll thank you for it.

7. Use A Consistent Voice

When writing web copy, establishing and maintaining the right voice is crucial. If you start your copy with a certain energy and tonality, keep it consistent throughout the piece. Another important tip is to be less grammatically correct, and more personal. Sure, good grammar is important. But not if it will hurt the clarity of your message.

8. Know Your Reader

Your reader is someone specific. They have a specific objective when they come to your site. They have specific needs, and specific objections. So in order to communicate to them, you need to write to them – as specifically as possible. Qualify them based on their likes and dislikes. Tell them what you will and will not do for them. Yes, some will leave. But the ones who stay will become your customers.

9. Ask For Action

Remember, your visitors come with a desire. Therefore, the main goal your web copy should is help them fulfill that desire. It’s easy to do this. Just tell them what to do! When you lead people to their desired outcome, they will want to do business with you again.

There you have it – a 9 step formula for crafting kick ass web copy. Implementing these 9 steps will give your business more credibility, more readership, and ultimately, more sales.

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Steve Goldberg is a freelance web copywriter and blogger who enjoys writing about topics like video advertising, online marketing, and personal development.

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