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Advanced Hosting Questions

Here are answers to some advanced hosting questions

Why it’s not practical to host your own website.

Hosting your own website is an option that you can pursue. To do that you will need to consider the following.

Hardware – To run a website you need specific hardware to store the files of your website. This is called a website server. Any PC that you can buy from a store is not suitable to run as a web server. A basic web server starts at around $2,000. Or you can rent on for about $100 a month. You will also need a permanent (super high speed) internet connection that is active 24 hours per day
Software- Once you have your hardware setup you need a license for the hardware that makes a server work and allows you to install a website on there. A server license will cost you a about $400 per year. You will also have to learn how to use the serve software, which is quite complex.
Labour- If you can’t setup the hardware and software yourself then you are going to have to pay someone to do that for you. You will also have to consider bugs, viruses, patches, updates, upgrades and generally technical maintenance of the server.
Other services website hosting companies provide

Above providing web servers to store your web pages for your website, website hosting companies also provide the following services

Domain name registration
Website Hosting
Website Building Software
Email Services
How website hosting companies differ

They differ in the following ways

Webspace – Just like you have a limit to how many files you can save on your hard drive (e.g. 500gb) there is a limit to how much space you can save on your web server.
Bandwidth allowance – bandwidth refers to the amount of data your web server can transmit to users. It is normally an inconsequential figure until you are getting over 10,000 visitors to your website per day.
Support – You should expect 24/7 technical support from your website hosting supplier
Email spam protection – You should expect some type of email spam protection for your email
Money back guarantee – a money back guarantee is piece of mind that if you aren’t happy with the service you can get a refund
What kind of website hosting do I really need?

For 99.9% of visitors to this website you should be getting a standard shared website hosting plan. This will allow you plenty of space for your website, bandwidth for your users to access your web pages and email accounts. The standard shared website hosting plan we recommend is webhostinghub.com. You can read more about why we recommend Web Hosting Hub by scrolling down to the bottom of this page. If you are getting more than 1000 visitors per day, or just think you require more grunt for your website, we suggest you get a business website hosting plan from web hosting hub. Check out our web hosting hub reviews

How do I get my website online with website hosting?

Once you have chosen which website hosting plan will suit you best it is time to start building your website. Basically to get your website online you have a few options

Pay a website design to do it for you (normally $3000 – $10,000)
Learn website design yourself (expect at least 3-6 months learning process)
Build your website using website building software from your web host
In step 3 of this guide I have created a video where I walk you through the process of me setting up a website using the webhostinghub.com website building software


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