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Disadvantages of Free Websites

Things that are free never deliver any value and there is always a catch when someone gives you something for free. : Take these tips into account

Nothing is never usually free – No-one is going to give you space on their web server (where you place websites) without some sort of compensation. If you aren’t paying for hosting, you are probably going to be paying them in some other way.

Not your own domain – When you signup for a free website, you don’t get your own domain name. If you own toms pet store you would probably want to register the domain tomspetsore.com what you don’t want is an ugly domain like tomspetstore.freewesiteprovider.com. We are not saying this is a bad thing, we are saying you don’t get ownership of your website. If this is what you are looking for google have a good service for a free website. This will look unprofessional.

Search engines won’t rank your website – How often when you are searching google to you see websites like tomspetstore.freewesiteprovider.com. Not much! It is going to be hard to get your website found in search engines with a free website builder.

Little functionality – When you have a free website you are limited to the restrictions that they put on you. If you have your own website you can make any changes you want, have any functionality and make any design changes.

Poor support – If you aren’t paying for something the company that you are receiving that service from probably doesn’t have the money to the salaries for service that you will need.

Not ad free – To pay for your free website, free website provides normally place ads on your website. This is a trade off that you will have to take. This is a) not professional b) not attractive and c) will restrict you if you want to make money from your website.

Unprofessional design – normally free website providers have limited design options. They will have a few standard templates, however do you really want your website to look like 1000’s of other website on the internet? Or are you thinking about how to create a website using html but then are forgetting about the design aspect?

Probably won’t get blogging functionality – Most Free website builders are using a html or php based script that makes it hard to include a blogging feature (plus it costs lots of money) so if you want to blog you will be hard stretched finding a service that also includes blogging. However if you are interested in starting a blog check out our blog starting guide.

Getting your own hosting is just better – Getting your own hosting so you can have your own domain name and your own website that you can customize is just a better option.

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