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Effective Tips For Logo Design

Whether you choose to go with a custom website design or a template design you must remember that it needs to fit. The same way you would keep a templates feel to your business website you must keep your logo in line. Similar to a choosing the perfect template or designing the perfect website, we should look at a few important tips to keeping everything together.

Logo Color For a Website

It goes without saying that a logo should have some sort of ability to flow with any design or any situation. Though some changes will inevitably be need to get exact feel and look. You shouldnít have to have a whole different logo designed just to meet your websites design. Colors should generally be consistent and not be light against light in nature or vice a versa. There should be some continuity or complimentary elements in terms of color with the logo design and your website.

Size of A Logo In Site Header

This seems like an obvious element of the flow of a website and your logos role within it. A lot of times we as designers or those non designers make the mistake of including a logo that is simply too large for the site. This is more of an issue with header heights or large unnecessary splash pages that overwhelm the visitor. Keep it small to medium in size and donít overdo it when it comes to expressing your company name. Remember that your logo is simply a way to show the visitor they have arrived at the correct spot and to include all or some elements of your branding efforts.

Professional Logo Vs Armature Logo

A lot of times business or website owners will put a lot of time into a site structure design, but forget that the graphical aspect is what makes it appealing. Iíve seen some wonderfully coded and designed websites that I myself would have loved to put in practice. With this beautifully coded website we find a lack of professionalism with the designed images themselves. These sites will have the functionality of a site like Facebook, but the design of a site fit for a beginner developer. Even if you simply donít have the time to graphically enhance an entire website, be sure to have a professional logo.
Why you ask? The logo of a website is the first area of a website a visitor looks. As we said before, it shows the visitor they are indeed in the right place. If your logo is unprofessional you may immediately lose that vote of confidence to your competitor. It shows how serious you are in taking your endeavor and it may even show if the crowd could possibly be interested. A lot of people simply go with the crowd and when they believe it is professional or ďappealingĒ enough for a friend they may in fact find themselves interested as well.

Properly Created Logo Design

One of the biggest misconceptions within the logo design industry is that logos can be created within a raster based program. This has been spread by the many armature designers on the internet whom claim this to be true. While raster based programs do have a purpose and should not be ignored, they simply arenít for logo design. Logos need to have the ability to fit any size window needed or scaled to any imaginable situation off line. Simply put, logos need to be created within a vector program. I wonít bore you with the differences and fine workings of the two, but know that vector based designs can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Though there are many other reasons why raster based logo designs are improper, that truly is one of the most important. Itís imperative that your business is not fooled into this and youíll need to make sure your logo designer is creating with vector.

Abstract Logo or not

A lot of times people will ask if the logo design needs to be abstract or not. I think this is really up to personal preference and what you believe you can do with your marketing and branding. For many people an abstract design can seem ďmeaningless until it has a meaningĒ. I know thatís a bit of a tongue twister, but think about it for a second. Did you really know that the apple with a bite mark was for a computer business before it was known as a computer business? So in my analysis, I believe it comes down to consistency, more than it comes down to picking between abstract or not.
So as we wrap our head around all of this we want to remember that itís not that a logo needs match the site entirely, but it does need to be complementary. It should be of quality so as to express a professional company feel. You should match colors, but not accidently hide colors with light on light or dark on dark. An abstract design will not throw off your branding enough to make it unusable and this is simply a client preference issue. Branding comes with marketing and a quality product not with simply a clever logo design.

Chris is the owner and founder of Hire Logo. Hire Logo is the up and coming site to hire a logo designer. Hire Logo with the help of other designers has a goal of providing affordable custom logo design and promoting transparency within the design industry.

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