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Good Writing is Not Enough – How to Optimize Your Website Management

To have a successful website does not mean just pushing it online and waiting for traffic to come. Well, of course, your initial SEO efforts may result in good search engine positions. But don’t take it for granted. It will not be this way all the time. Every day thousands of new websites emerge on the net. Some of them will remain in oblivion while others want to compete. Believe it or not, but rivalry in the online markets is incredibly intense. If you leave a website unattended for a certain time, to your dismay, you may find out that those high search engine positions are lost. Often, it is very difficult if not impossible to restore them. In this writing let me offer top 10 methods to optimize website management to keep it interesting for visitors.

  1. After the recent updates Google let everybody understand that online quality content for human visitors is the primary value.

Thus, the best way to keep your website interesting is writing quality content.

  1. Regularly update the site with fresh papers.

This is one of the factors in ranking the site. Besides, site visitors will appreciate it and regularly check out for updates. Search engines will get to use frequent updates and index new pages within an instant. That means that search engines have trust for your site.

  1. Optimize your site in terms of SEO.

How many nice sites have disappeared just because they were poorly optimized? Yes, quality content matters. However, the site will be useless unless it is visible for visitors. That is why your writing should not be overspammed with keywords. Also, it is important to have proper interlinking. Web pages should have correct meta description, titles and tags.

  1. Optimize your site in terms of web design.

The most common reason why people leave a webpage is because they are not willing to wait for more than 5 seconds for the page to load. A website may be too heavy to load fast. This irritates visitors, so will lose targeted traffic.

  1. Make sure you have a reliable hosting provider.

The most common reason why sites often lose traffic is that sites are down due to hosting issues. Of course, there are no ideal hosting providers, although many companies promise 100% uptime. Yes, opt for trusted hosting providers that have positive reviews and efficient customer support.

  1. Never stop linkbuilding campaigns.

Additional backlink never hurts, of course, if this is a quality one. As known, Google rates backlinks to sites to rank them. Sure, there are other factors too, however, the rule still remains the same – the more quality backlinks you have, the better ratings a site will have.  Article marketing is a great strategy, especially if you choose quality websites and article directories. You may then proceed to forum and social media marketing which are also brilliant methods to spread a word about your site.

  1. Interactive content writing will encourage visitors to express their opinions, suggest discussion topics, etc.

The best way to make visitors stay at the site or return to it in the future is to ask for their help or opinions. People love sharing thoughts on the net. So, website managers should take advantage of it. Ask visitors what they think of recent discussion topics and articles at your website. Also, guest posting is a great method to have a free and quality content. Lots of people are looking for opportunities to publish their articles with a reference to their sites. So, if you have a trusted website, you may offer visitors guest posting opportunities and write a ‘write for us’ page.

  1. Connect with major social media sites.

It does not mean just starting a few FB and twitter accounts. To succeed in SMM you have to interact with visitors. It is not just about writing recent news. Use your account to introduce your site to a large number of people. Participate in discussions yourself. Let people feel you do not only care for your site but that you are really interested in communication. A well though SMM strategy is something that will help you promote your site to top of Google and other search engines.

  1. Think of possible improvements to your site every day.

There are no perfect sites. Thus, you may need a new site section, a new poll or a new color for subscription button. Never stop developing! Bear in mind that your competitors are waiting for your failures. Do not offer them such a pleasure.

  1. No matter what site you won, you should have a reason to run it.

Clearly set realistic goals and develop an executable strategy. Everything you do with your website should be performed for some reason. The easiest way to fall in Google’s disgrace is by chaotically writing and adding worthless content.


Leslie Anglesey is a paper writing specialist who works as a writer at EssayTigers. She specializes in blog writing, academic essay writing and providing tips for online freelance work.

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