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Google’s views on guest blogging – Don’t take it to extremes!

With the arrival of Panda and Penguin, link building has become a tough challenge for SEOs. Gone are the days of obtaining site-wide footer links or commenting in forums and blogs. With Google discounting many of these types of links, it is necessary to be more creative when building links to your site.

One such method is guest blogging. This is where you write interesting articles and submit them to blogs in your niche. Once you have submitted the article, often the blog owners will allow you to place a contextual link back to your site either within the main body or in an author bio. However, this method is not immune to abuse by less desirables, as Matt Cutts explains:

Ultimately, guest blogging is a great way to obtain relevant links whilst contributing to your industry’s community. Also, as Matt Cutts mentioned, guest blogging is definitely worthwhile. In other words, there is value to these links. However, to make sure your guest posts are accepted and given maximum value by Google, I would follow these simple tips:

1. Make sure your article is high quality and interesting – This is often the first stumbing block. Many potential guest bloggers focus entirely on the number of posts they can create and not the quality of them. Writing a good quality article is more likely to be accepted by the blog owner you are submitting it to.
2. Write the article yourself – If you search the Internet, you will find many sites offering blog writing services. Some will even charge very little for this service, making it a tempting option for those wanting a shortcut. However, you may be disappointed with the overall quality. Writing the article yourself is the only way to guarantee its quality.
3. Submit your article to a quality blog – If you want maximum exposure and value from your guest post, then you should submit them to a quality blog with a decent readership. That way, you will increase the likelihood that your article will be shared on social media.

Here is an example of a badly written (possibly spun) article on a blog:

Even worse, one reader flagged the article as being particularly poor quality:

So what about a good article? Well, SEOMoz have a particularly vibrant community with lots of examples of good guest posts. Here’s just one of many:

As you can see, the article has obtained multiple ‘thumbs up’, which is a kind of validation by the community that the article has high quality content. Hopefully, if you follow these tips then you can start benefitting from the power of guest blogging. Happy writing!

Author bio: Adam is a professional SEO and owner of Crimson Penguin. He frequently blogs about SEO, Web Design and Internet Marketing.

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