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How Google’s Author Rank is Going to Change SEO

Many of us know that Google has been implementing some huge changes over the last year. With updates such as Panda and Penguin, as well as integrations of Google Plus business and rel author, tons of things have been going on. One must simply sit and ask, “What does this all mean?” It means that Google is evolving.

Google is Already Giving Us Hints

Google is evolving to provide their searchers with better results and find more ways for them to make revenue. With that said, what can we expect to see from Google in the future? Well they have already been giving us hints. One is the implementation of the rel author attribute and heavy integration of Google Plus profiles in search results. If you spend enough time on Google, you will see search results with authors tags showing a nice little photo and profile snippet.

So here’s the deal. We can expect to see Google heavily rely upon author’s Google Plus profile as a ranking factor. I believe it already is a ranking factor to a certain extent. Just look at, Google has it to where authors can now cross link their Google profiles with the content they are creating. Why? So they can reward the legit authors and push away the spammers that aren’t building quality audiences.

There has been so much manipulation of Google and we can see that every update Google does is to combat this issue. One way that Google can put a serious hold on low quality search manipulators is to reward the high quality ones.

We already see authorities for industries with Google Plus profiles ranking for competitive keywords. Check out this picture of search results for the term “SEO.”

Notice that I’m not logged in but in the right side bar where advertisements would usually go you see the profiles of “SEO” guru’s Danny Sullivan and Rank Fishkin. Do you think that if one of these guys linked from an “SEO’” related page to their Google Plus profile that the page would rank higher than others? You bet.

So What Should I do About it?

Start building your Google Plus’ profile authority. You can do this by linking all of your guest post back to your Google Plus profile and testing them using the rich snippet tools. Also, start engaging people on your Google Plus profile, build your followers, get more shares, more +1’s, and more engagement.

I believe all of these things will factor how Google will rank your profile and allow that juice to flow to your content you are connected with. What are some things that you see Google doing in the future and are preparing for?

Mike Calloway is the founder of Trinity Digital Marketing, a Washington, DC based web design firm that helps business’ make more money online.

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