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How To Make A High Converting Website

The design of your site does well beyond impressing first-time visitors. While you’ll always want your site to look clean and professional, a nice looking site alone won’t pay the bills. Savvy webmasters know that blending an attractive design with a high converting page layout is a one-two marketing punch that can help turn your site into a 24/7 passive income ATM.

Why Conversions Are Money (Literally)

Despite the fact that most webmasters understand the importance of conversion optimization very few place it on the top of their to do list. Instead, they spend hour after hour building backlinks, writing content and engaging their followers on social media in order to boost their traffic numbers. If you ask any internet marketing expert they’ll tell you that it’s much easier to increase conversions by 20% than it is to boost traffic by the same amount.

Here’s are 5 proven secrets to get you the most from every visitor:

Secret 1: Above The Fold Is Your Friend

The above the fold area of your site is the one area that every visitor sees at least once. It’s prime real estate and should be thought of as the most important area of your site.

The best way to take advantage of this space is to think of the ONE action you want a visitor to make when stumbling across your site. Do you want them to sign up for your free report, subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase? You need to decide from the get-go what you want them to do and put that front and center on your site. Make-A-Website.com does this extremely well by positioning benefit rich copy and a strong call to action above the fold on the homepage.

Secret 2: Test to Success

Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite sites, from LifeHacker.com to the Huffington Post, change their site’s layout quite often? They’re probably not just trying to freshen up their site’s look: it’s probably to increase conversions in some way. And the reason they know that making a chance will boost conversions is through split testing.

The key to successful split testing is to first test completely different pages (with different layouts, colors and text) against each other. Once you’ve found a winner, pit that against a similar looking page. Keep refining this way until you’ve found an ideal page.

Fortunately, thanks to Google’s Content Experiments, you can literally have a test up and running in just a few minutes.

Secret 3: Don’t Forget “Boring” Pages

If you ever take the time to drill down into your analytics you’ve probably noticed that a fair amount of people pop over to the least interesting pages of your site, such as your privacy page or about us page. Don’t let those visitors leave without giving them one more chance to take action.

Consider adding a banner, advertisement or opt-in form on these pages to take advantage of traffic that would otherwise disappear and never come back.

Secret 4: Make The Sidebar More Clickable

If there’s one area on the site webmasters mess up it’s the sidebar. Bloggers are especially notorious for this by clogging up this prime real estate with banners, badges and poorly-converting buttons. Your sidebar is where your reader’s eyes drift towards in between your content’s paragraphs.

This is a perfect opportunity to give them a chance to click and convert. For example, all blog posts at SurveySpencer.com like this one, have a few sidebar banners running down the side. These get clicked more often then you may expect.

Secret 5: Clean Up

One of the simplest ways to boost your site’s conversions is to simplify your site and make it free of clutter. How do you know what’s clutter and what’s necessary? The best way is to look deep into your analytics data and see how people interact with your site. If they tend to bounce or don’t click on any of your buttons, your landing pages may be overly cluttered. Consider cutting out any unnecessary fat and putting your visitor’s focus on your call to action.

This guest post is by Spencer from surveyspencer.com who is a blogger and graphic designer specializing in WordPress.

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