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How To Make A Website For Free

If you want to know how to make a website for free, then you don’t have to search high and low for the answer. This article will show you four of the best systems online that will let you make a free website within minutes. You don’t need to known any HTML, CSS or PHP to make the page. All you need is an idea and some creativity to make it happen.


The Weebly platform is great if you just need a small website with about five or less pages. The Weebly system sets up your HTML and navigation, and you are given many widgets to add to your website. For example, you can add AdSense to make money with the website, or you can quickly add or edit content.

This service also has a free blogging platform that you can add right onto your website. So, if you constantly create content, this will help you push the content onto your website. Overall, the Weebly system is great for making the basic structure and all the main coding needed for your website.

However, it is a little awkward to use if you know HTML, and the drag-and-drop items sometimes act a little belligerent. Regardless, you can build a website in just a few minutes with this system.


Similar to the Weebly system, Webs is able to let you design a website even if you don’t know any coding. This system has many modules and tools to help you create and build up your website. The website builder itself is point and click, so it is very easy to make the website.

The extra tools you get allow you to make an ecommerce site, blogging, forum or even a mobile website. There is also an SEO tool to help you with search engine marketing, and the analytics will help you measure the website’s effectiveness.


Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging systems in the world, and you can get a free WordPress blog with your own subdomain. There are thousands of templates and tools made for this system, and you can easily swap out one for another. WordPress is also great if you love making a lot of posts, because the blog will easily organize all of your posts so visitors can read through everything.

Setting up a WordPress site can be done in a few simple steps. You pick a name, a template and a category and your blog is made. After that, you can just focus on building up your number of posts and making the blog the best that it can be.

WordPress is split into two versions: the free one with a subdomain and the one you install on your own domain. The former does have some restrictions, like you can’t set AdSense or affiliate ads on it, so you can’t make money. However, if you just want a blog for fun, then WordPress is one of the best blogging systems out there.


A blogging system made by Google. Blogger is another popular system that is on par with WordPress. While there are fewer templates and tools, Blogger has one distinctive advantage: you can make money with the free blog with AdSense ads.

Aside from this, Blogger is still a powerful system that you can easily customize to fit your needs. Organizing your posts is very easy, and you can quickly setup your blog within a few steps. Whether you want to blog for money or fun, Blogger allows you to do both with any restrictions.



Setting up a free website is very easy. You don’t need to know any programming, and you don’t need to spend money buying a domain or getting hosting. All you need is the drive to make a website, and an idea to breathe life into the website. These four systems make it very easy to create a website for free, so try one of them out today and see just how simple it is to make your own website.

These are also great if you have always wanted to build a website, but don’t want to pay money to learn the ropes. A free website has no consequences, so you can build one without worry.

If you want to go with a paid option check out our website setup guide and our blogging guide

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