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Marketing Your Site When You Don’t Have a Budget



If you’ve just set up a website then chances are you don’t want to spend any more money on it than you already have. Options like PPC (Pay per click) provide great ROI if tracked and measured correctly, but statistics show that unless you have a medium or higher budget, there is going to be a large setup cost to test campaigns. Facebook charges nearly $1 per ‘like’ gained with their advertising, and a ‘like’ doesn’t even guarantee that a person will be interested in your site, or even visit your website. So how do you market your website without a budget?

Try a Press Release

A press release won’t help with your SEO via backlinks, but it can help you to draw attention to your site or service, but only if you do it right.  Releasing a very basic press release such as ‘New Online Catering Service Opens’, you have to be specific. Instead try  mentioning location to target local newspapers and journalists, mention specifics to get people’s interest up, and try to make yourself sound unique, ‘Local Seattle Catering Company Now Sells Raspberry Crème Cupcakes Online’,  would be a slightly better press release option. Unfortunately, that won’t always be enough to sell your press release; instead you have to include something newsworthy, something worth clicking on. ‘Seattle Cupcake Competition Winner Opens Catering Site Selling Her Famous Raspberry Crème Cupcakes’ Be specific, mention clickable content, and don’t give too much away in the title.

Utilize Guest Blogging

According to the head of Google Webspam, Matt Cutts, guest blogging isn’t always good for your site. In fact, if you accept guest blogs from everyone, you might actually go down in your ranking. But if you accept quality content from authors who have a following, you can definitely benefit. The same goes for you posting guest blogs on other relevant websites. You attract visitors from people who like your content or what you are offering, and therefore increase your traffic and possibly your followers as well. For example, you allow a writer with several thousand Twitter followers to place a guest blog on your website, then that author will then share your website with their followers just because they wrote it. If you write a guest blog on someone else’s site, they will link back to you, and then send their traffic your way. You win either way! Get your blog up and running with our guide.


It could be said that keywords are not what they used to be, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t optimize your content anyway. Try using natural keywords and focus on keyword themes rather than a single word. Having one or two repetitions of the same word in an article is fine, but make sure you also have different words that meant the same thing. Search engines are getting smarter so your organic keywords should be smart as well.

Exchange Links

A link exchange can be valuable to websites and businesses with similar content, or even content that helps the other out. For example, the catering company mentioned above could find a wedding planner and cut a deal with them. Wedding planners need catering, and many caterers are asked to do weddings, it all works out and the clients stay happy. If your business is about something more mundane such as Playstation 3 games, you could find someone selling Xbox games and link to them. The important thing is to look for sites that complement your own and not direct competitors.

Keep an Active Social Profile

Social media is one of the most important parts of advertising now, so make sure you keep an active profile. Did you know that you can utilize social to direct people to your site, sell services, and even find backlinks. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Stumbleupon are all great sites so make sure you use them. Connecting with people rather than just sharing your content is the most important part. So, take your time, message people who talk about things you like and get a conversation going, you might be surprised by how much activity you get.


Brandy Cross is a freelance writer for the High Tech Society and many other sites. Specializing in SEO, zombies, and all things tech, she writes for a living and loves it that way. Contact her at @MissBCross for more updates.

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