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Website Broker Explains How to Sell Your Website

After you have learnt how to setup your website on make-a-web-site.com there my be a time when you want to sell. The only problem you run into is, you don’t know how or where to […]

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Creating a Mobile Website

Normal vs mobile

You have probably noticed the increasing amount of people using their phones to surf the internet, do business, connect to social media, and various other things. These numbers are going to continue to rise, and […]

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Review: Duda Mobile

Duda Mobile

Since you are reading this review, I can assume you are looking into getting a new or existing website “mobile friendly.” If you have a regular website already that isn’t optimised for mobiles, thiscan be […]

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Review: Best Mobile Website Builder

Mobile website

A very popular way to connect with customers is to have a mobile website that they can easily access from their smart phones. As you probably already know, more and more people are getting phones […]

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The 3 Best Small Business Hosting Packages


If you run a small business, you undoubtedly need a website. The first thing most potential clients will want to do when considering working with you is to take a look at it. If you […]

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SiteGround Review: Shared Hosting Plans


SiteGroundis one of our preferred hosting platforms here at Make a Website. We name the company amongst our top three Web hosting providers. In this article, we provide a thorough review of the shared hosting […]

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3 Best Shared Hosting Providers

shared hosting providers

In this article, we talk about three Web hosting providers who we consider to be the best out there right now. Before we start, we should mention the fact that selecting providers like this is […]

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Hostgator Review: Shared Hosting Plans


If you’ve read any of our tutorials on how to make a website, you may have noticed that we often recommendHostGatorto host your Web presence. In this article, we provide a thorough review of HostGator’s […]

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How to Make an eCommerce Website using Shopify


If you want to build an online eCommerce store with the bare minimum of hassle, Shopifyis the platform for you. It’s incredibly easy to use, yet produces attractive sites that look very professional. Shopify is […]

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Which eCommerce Software is the Best?


Setting up an online eCommerce store is surprisingly easy. If it’s been some years since you looked into the possibilities, you’ll be really amazed at what’s now achievable, even if your technical knowledge is minimal. […]

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