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The 10 Best SEO Sites to Follow on Twitter

Following thought leaders on Twitter is one of the best ways to get a daily dose of content that you can read to keep up with the latest in SEO. For that, here are the best SEO blogs that are worth following on Twitter.


1) SEOMoz – @seomoz

While SEOMoz hosts some awesome SEO software, what will be most useful to you is that it also has one of the most vibrant SEO communities on the web along with the YouMoz blog.

2) Search Engine Watch – @sewatch

Search Engine Watch provides a regular stream of some great articles, opinions and analysis that is useful for any marketer or website owner looking to upgrade their SEO skills.

3) Search Engine Land – @sengineland

Run by Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land covers news and information about search engines and search marketing.

4) Search Engine Journal – @sejournal

Search Engine Journal, helmed by Loren Baker, helps companies improve their interactive marketing, and helps marketers to succeed in a challenging career that has undergone a world of change with the advent of digital.

5) SEOBook – @seobook

SEOBook, run by Aaron Wall from California and New Zealand, offers marketing tips, search analysis, online business tips, and general commentary on the evolution of the web from an algorithmic, publishing & business model perspective.

6) Portent Marketing – @portent

Portent is a full service internet marketing agency that maintains an awesome blog with some of the best strategy level insights of internet marketing and SEO as a whole.

7) SEO By The Sea – @bill_slawski

The SEO by the Sea blog keeps an eye on information directly from the search engines such as patent filings and whitepapers, to share some of the assumptions and processes behind how search engines work, how they rank web pages, and whether or not they might have some surprises for us in the future.

8) Dave Naylor@DaveNaylor

Dave provides some of the most insightful analysis of the latest SEO changes and trends on his blog. As Head of Search Marketing at Bronco.co.uk, Dave himself is very involved in many internet marketing campaigns that involve a large amount of SEO.

9) Search Engine Guide@seguide

Jennifer Laycock is the Editor of Search Engine Guide, an educational web site aimed at translating the search marketing world into something that small business owners can understand. Jennifer specializes in common sense search engine marketing, viral marketing and customer outreach via social media and blogs.

10) Blogstorm - @branded_3

Run by one of UK’s top digital marketing agencies, Blogstorm publishes only occasionally, but their posts are always insightful and full of a new perspectives. Definitely a Twitter account worth following.


Bio: Siddharth Deswal works at Visual Website Optimizer, the world’s easiest A/B testing software. He’s been involved with web development for about 8 years and actively looks to help online businesses discover the value of Conversion Rate Optimization. He tweets about A/B testing, landing pages and effective marketing tips on @wingify

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