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Website Basics

Here are some answers to very basic questions about making a website.

How websites work?

A website works i a complex way. You are on a web page right now. That web page is stored on a web server somewhere. The software you are using to view this web page right now is called a web broweser (e.g. explorer, firefox, chrome or safari) Web browsers communicate with web servers in a language called protocol or more commonly know as http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) However before it can talk to your computer it needs to know it’s address on the internet (called an IP address). Once it knows the address it can then communicate in http and show the web page that you want to see.

What is a domain name ?

The first step in making a website is to choose your domain name. A domain name is what you are going to call your website. When people think of your website they will think of itís name. Like facebook, google and twitter. www.make-a-web-site.com is my domain name. If you already have a domain name you can also use that to make your website.

What is website hosting?

Letís start with this analogy. When you make a word document you save it onto your computers hard drive. You can then access those files whenever you like from wherever you have saved it. A website is a collection of web pages where each web page is itís own unique file, that need to be stored somewhere just like your word document. Website hosting is service provided to give you a place for your websites files to be stored so you and the rest of the world can access them.

Now to store your websites files requires a special type of computer that must be connected to the Internet through a special type of Internet connection. The special type of computer is called a web server. The type of company that provides you with web servers is called a web host because they provide you with website hosting (a place to store you web pages so they can be accessed from the internet)

Why do you need website hosting?

While it is technically possible to create your own website hosting (see details below about can you host your own website) It is not practically in most cases Enter website hosting providers. They own and manage powerful web servers that store your web pages. They also connect those web servers to the Internet with powerful connections that allow users to visitor your website from the Internet. Bottom line is that if you want a website then you need website hosting. It is just not practical or economical to host your own website.

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